In keeping with our Malaysian heritage, we’ve often resorted to using colloquial terms and expressions in our blog posts on Saya Seorang Ibu. However, we do realise that some of you readers out there may not be familiar with the Malaysian vocabulary.

So, we’ve put together a shortlist of Malaysian words and their meanings to help you navigate through the various shades of meaning imbued in our posts.

Also included on this page are titles/names that we use to refer to our family members and loved ones who are frequently mentioned in our stories.

Please feel free to let us know if we’ve missed out anything and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.

*    *     *


Belanja: To treat someone to something; usually involves money. Most commonly used to describe the process of buying someone a meal.

Bersih: Clean

FTWM: Full Time Working Mom

Gila: Crazy

Ibu: Mother

Jaga: Take care of.

Makan: Eat

Manja: To pamper/spoil; seeking attention/affirmation.

Merdeka: Independence

Pangsai: Hokkien expression. To poop or pass motion.

PTWM: Part Time Working Mom

SAHM: Stay at Home Mom

Sayang: (1) To love or soothe. (2) Beloved one.

SSC: Soft Structured Carrier

WAHM: Working at Home Mom

*    *     *


DH: Dear Husband

DD: Dear Daughter

DS: Dear Son

Daniel: Hosanna’s husband, also called D

Deric: Susanna’s husband

Jamie: Susanna’s daughter

RJ: Hosanna’s daughter


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