Along the way, we’ve come across lots of nifty links from around the Web which have proven helpful to us. Here’s what we’ve found so far.

Please also feel free to let us know if you think there’s any other websites that should be added to our list.

Babycenter (Malaysian edition)
– A useful resource for all things pregnancy and parenthood related.

Facebook group: Malaysian Babywearers
– Good spot to get to know and chat with other fellow Malaysian babywearers. If you’re new to babywearing and need advice, go ahead and post something and someone will be sure to respond to your queries.

Facebook group: Malaysian Babywearers FSOT & Rental
– Join this group if you want to buy/sell/trade baby carriers with other fellow Malaysian babywearers. A good place to start browsing for a suitable baby carrier for yourself as it helps you get familiarised with established brands as well as what to look for in a carrier.

Facebook group: Malaysian Babywearers DIY Advise and Support
– Baby carriers are super expensive out there. If you’re a DIY kind of lady, you can learn how to custom make baby carriers to your own liking. The admins in the group are vehement that discussions are limited to babywearing gear for your own use though, and not for sale.

Babywearing International
– Has an extensive glossary of babywearing terms for you to read and get acquainted with. Also contains tips on how to choose a baby carrier and resources that explain how to use each one.

School of Babywearing
– Has a downloadable babywearing guide PDF file that you can refer to.

Facebook group: WAHM and WAHM-To-Be Community
– Considering a work-at-home career shift or already an established Work-At-Home Mum? Connect with others like you here.

Facebook group: The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN)
– All forms of info and advice to help you to put your lovely boobs to good use as God intended. Check in frequently to learn how others cope with the many challenges of breastfeeding. It’s not only educational, it’s highly entertaining 😉

La Leche League International
– More breastfeeding advocacy and resources.

Facebook group: Preloved Baby Goods Malaysia
– Go there if you want to sell off any baby equipment that you’ve previously used but no longer have a need for.


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