Having traded her lawyer’s robes for a reporter’s notebook, survived election campaigns as a political aide and supported her then-boyfriend, now-husband through life-threatening brain surgery, Hosanna thought she knew what tough was. That was until she became a mom.

By God’s grace, she’s learning that the role of FT-flexi-WM* comes with more scrutiny than that required by a judge, more stories than that sought by an editor, and more demands than that made by a constituent.

Her CV now lists new skills such as wearing pajamas while fielding client phone calls (dressing for professional success), breastfeeding while rushing writing assignments (multitasking efficiency level – Mom), Staying Up To Finish Work When Baby Is Asleep (Project Management 101), and skilled diaper-changing in the car (problem-solving and improvisation).

Together with her MP (Member of Permanence, a. k.a spouse), she now serves a constituency of two (infant female and adult feline). This blog is her not-so-serious attempt to document her New Normal.

*Note: there’s no such term as FT-flexi-WM, I made it up to describe my work arrangements, which is: two days in office, on call the rest of the time from wherever I am.