Susanna (second from left), Hosanna (third from left) and their families.
From left: Deric and Susanna with Jamie, Hosanna with RJ and Daniel.

It was just an ordinary meet up with girl friends on a weeknight, but it turned up an interesting discovery: Hosanna and Susanna both realised that they were pregnant at the same time!

But that wasn’t all there was to it.

Coincidentally, they found out that they were also staying extremely close to each other, and going to the same hospital for prenatal checkups. Thus began their interesting journey towards motherhood together.

Amidst the aftermath of delivery and managing a tiny tot at home, the duo decided that it would be good fun to share their experiences on the Web to cheer on other new mothers like themselves.

And that is how Saya Seorang Ibu, which is Bahasa Malaysia for “I am a mother”, came about.

This blog seeks to not only bring to your virtual doorstep true-to-life tales of everyday mummyhood, but to have them told in typical Malaysian fashion. We wear our Ibu title proudly, and sincerely hope we can inspire you to be the same.

Have fun reading, and please visit often 🙂