Back, and busy…

Hello! Sorry for the long absence. I have been away so long that it’s hard to know how to restart writing again. So many milestones that have happened in absentia, which I hope i’ll find time to recap on.

Ruby is now almost 15 months. She loves walking, watching black birds from her window, and going to the park. Her idea of fun recently is: listening to mummy sing nursery rhymes, flipping through books, transferring pom poms with a spoon, and for the past week – throwing things and screaming!


Anyway, today I thought i’ll share a little activity I made for my little bookworm. (She still loves books, we even had a book-themed first birthday party for her.)

Taking a cue from her favorite book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, I made some felt cards to make an gobbling game that makes our story time more interactive.

First, I cut out shapes of the five types of fruits that the caterpillar eats. I used Daiso felt pieces with adhesive backing, so it was convenient to stick it on the cardboard pieces.

Then, for the caterpillar “gobbler”, I pasted the felt caterpillar on cardboard and attached it on to an envelope.

Ruby has a lot of fun trying to put the fruit shapes into the envelope when we are reading the book. Great for practising fine motor skills and learning the names of fruits.

Of course, her favorite part of this activity is when we arrange the cubes of the ten things that the caterpillar ate on Saturday! She will put her hand on her tummy to show that the caterpillar has a stomachache.

(I didn’t make the cubes, they came with the book set that I bought preloved.)

When we reach the end of the book, we turn the cubes to form a beautiful butterfly. She will smile and clap.

I’m enjoying this toddler stage when there’s more activities to do together.



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