A book I've wanted to own over the past month or so.

We bought it. Finally.

Most people would’ve come across the What To Expect book series when expecting a baby, but for us, it was only when an ex-colleague of mine passed me a second hand copy of What To Expect: The First Year that we had a firsthand exposure to how these books were like.

And I must say, we were very impressed with how helpful it was and how thoroughly it covered issues we faced in the first year of Jamie’s life. So much so that I was keen to get the continuation book shown above.

Unlike the one written for the first year, this one doesn’t go month by month, but takes a more topical approach. That was a bit disappointing for me, since I liked the excitement of having new material to digest every month.

But I suppose it’s better the way it is since every child experiences a different order of development etc from here onwards. Not so straightforward and predictable as it was in the first year.

Anyhow, I’m excited about reading through the book. So far whatever I’ve read seems like fair comment and carries a well balanced view. If it interests you, you might want to check it out too.

Just sharing my happiness lah. Hehe. Not an ad or sponsored post or anything. Just glad to have help on hand. We need as much as we can in these early years.


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