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Carry of the week: Robin's Hip Carry.

If you aren’t already on the Malaysian Babywearers Facebook group then you should be. Especially right now as we’re in the midst of a 30 Weeks, 30 Carries Wrap Challenge.

At the moment, we’ve moved along through 9 weeks and the carry of the week this round is Robin’s Hip Carry (above pic). It’s really much easier learning up the various carries when you know you’ve got a whole lot of other people doing it together with you. I nailed this one down on the first try.

The way it’s done on the group is that you’re supposed to try the carry (video instructional links usually provided) and to then snap a picture of yourself and baby in that carry and to post it as a comment on the original Facebook post. It’s quite fun, trust me.

Here’s the full list of wrap carry styles we’ll be working through. Please do join us 🙂



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