Weekly Web Round-up (Volume 4)

Long1If you’ve ever huffed and puffed while pushing a heavy laden stroller in bumpy terrain, you may have wished that you could skateboard while pushing your offspring.

Well, now you can! This nifty invention (left) by stroller company Quinny is called the Long board Stroller. While I’ve yet to seen one yet, and have my doubts about how easy it is to manouvre, it sure is a a swag way to ride for both parent and tot.

Here’s some link love to kick start November:

Micro-advice to the TLDR generation takes its best form in this six word parenting advice experiment. Spoiler: “You’re gonna need a bigger wipe.”

When does one learn to be a father? According to this article, the best time to do so is when he’s a boy. Because that tricky work-life-balance thing really boils down to habits we form early on.

Does it matter which parent reads the bedtime story? Surprise, surprise. New research suggests that children develop better language skills when dad does it.

A boy tells Jimmy Kimmel that women can’t become President because “they’re too girly”. Hilary Clinton shows up to try and change his mind. Watch to see what he says after meeting her.

Could “redshirting” (the practice of deferring kindergarten by a year for children born in the later months) help your child gain an advantage? Some experts think it’s possible, but others disagree.


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