Weekly Web Round-up (Vol. 3)

0fe74bcf70505005_12113521_10156032765035858_751993556267053060_o.xxxlarge_2xHappy Sunday, peeps! Our little nest has been rather quiet here as we’ve been down with the flu which we seem to be passing to each other. (Ah-choo! I just sneezed again). Hope we’ll all be back on our feet and right as rain soon. Meanwhile, here’s some pick-me-ups to soothe a tired sniffling mummy.

This gorgeous photo of our recommendation of the week is a super amazing Ikea hack that allows co-sleeping for this family with five kids. Such a warm and cosy space, I wouldn’t mind curling up there right now with a hot cup of tea and some banana cake. If you’re the crafty sort, you can DIY something similar for your own family – get the deets here.

A few more links to keep you company:

One mom’s two cents on why you should not buy any toys for your baby.

A (not so serious) comment on those fair weather baby holders.

I know this colouring book is not exactly kid-friendly, but hey, who can resist the quirky work of Fahmi Reza.

Inspiration from parent-preneurs (yes, such a word exists now!) on how they making juggling babies with business work.

Take this minimalist quiz to prove you know your kids’ titles (I knew that my obsession with children’s books would come in handy, someday…)

Speaking of books, get some quirky and thrifty ideas on how to DIY your kids’ bookshelves here.

Bonus: since I mentioned banana bread, why not make your own with this simple recipe. Hint: find out what kind of bananas are most flavorful when baked.


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