Weekly Web Round-up (Vol. 2)

11958084_511861128987004_8629550546624705219_oRecommendation of the week is an upcoming event for all Malaysian parents who are interested in babywearing.

The upcoming IBW2015 will be held in One City Mall on 7 November. Mark your calendars!

If trying out carriers, getting troubleshooting advice, and standing a chance to win goodies doesn’t sound tempting enough, how much more thrilling can you get than wearing your little one while walking on the rooftop’s see through glass floor, ten storeys up?

You can check out more info on the Malaysian Babywearer’s Facebook Group page, as always.

Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend, and here’s some link love for you:

Pig out at the #KLFTF Kuala Lumpur Food Truck Festival! Happens every first and third weekend of the month.

You’ll never guess what this cute School Bus themed craft is made from.

An inspiring read when you think you’re not up to par because “you’re not that mom”.

Travelling soon? Here’s how to make flying a little more comfy on little one’s ears.

Why does this random adorable song have over 2 million views? P.S. only breastfeeding mamas will get the part in 1:01.

Mummy Baby needs these moon night light/ lanterns.



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