The Superhero’s guide to being a mom

20150922193429Psst… Let me tell you a secret. You know the old saying that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”? Well, it’s literally true! We moms are superheroes in more ways than one. Here’s the inside scoop into the fantastic world of masked mothers.

We have supersonic hearing.

Forget Spidey’s “spider sense”. Our babies could whimper a mile away, and we would still hear it.  Sorry, dads, you’re genetically wired to not flinch when baby startles awake at night. There, I said it.

We have “mom armor”.

Move over, Ironman. Mom Armor, a.k.a Thick Skinned 2.0, enables you to withstand withering stares and judgmental comments from strangers. Oh the best part is, the armor auto upgrades as the kid gets older.

We do great deeds anonymously.

Ever wonder who covered you with a blanket when you shivered, closed the windows when it rained, replaced your favorite brand of juice in the fridge, and did all those million-and-one unseen things that make your life better? Yep, ’twas your friendly neighbourhood SuperMom.

We respond to every SOS.

Our track record makes Batman look bad, seriously. Who else can give so much of themselves, so effortlessly, even when they are in pain, tired, busy, or not in the mood. There’s no room for being a diva when you’re a mom.

Our courage quotient goes through the roof.

It takes monumental bravery to change poopy diapers, heat up milk one-handed, potty-train, sleep train, keep going when you’re dead beat, and all the other stunts that come as part and parcel of the job. If “like a girl” is an undeserved derogatory term, “like a mom” should be a badge of honor to describe acts of courage.

We can transform anything at the drop of a hat.

Forgot to bring your pump parts to work? Use a mineral water bottle. Didn’t bring your nursing cover out? Improvise with a scarf. Diaper accident with no supplies? Use newspaper to keep the seat stain-free. No toys? Use your imagination. Moms are the most innovative and ingenious problem solvers. Transformation geniuses who don’t even need a phone booth.

I can think of many other mom superpowers, such as the ability to function without sleep, incredible tolerance for pain, lightning speed multitasking, etc.

Being a mom is amazing. It makes us try harder, love fiercer, and be the best version of ourselves.

Here’s the thing, with great power comes great responsibility. And great hugs. For all the superhuman strength we exhibit everyday, we need only to snuggle into the embrace of our fuzzy little ‘uns to find all our reasons to be amazing. Go grab em, mother!


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