Weekly web round-up (Vol. I)

12003271_10153657014549885_8940527504793663718_nRecommendation of this week is a super fun-looking colouring book that is nothing like your kindergardener’s homework.

Great for older kids to build their concentration and creativity. The exquisite details make for a really pretty final result.

If mummy can bear squinting, she can play too!

Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic one and here’s some link love for you to explore.

Fancy watching a movie with junior in tow? TGV has expanded its family-friendly cinema to several other locations!

Hot tip: Try this Clever trick to get your kids hooked on reading.

A sweet read that explains why French kids dine at the family table and sleep through the night a.k.a How the French got it right about parenting. According to Bringing up Bebe, that is.

Be glad that unlike many Japanese women, you’re not being harassed for being a working mom.

Need a pick me up? Girl, you need the Pep Talk Generator (try it for a daily dose of inspiration).

Simple and delish recipes from a Daddy who can cook.

Eye candy: pop culture meets baking genius with these gorgeous and witty sugar cookies that have its baker dubbed the “Andy Warhol of baking”. (via Messy Nessy Chic)


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