Nursing nomad @ Viva shopping mall, Cheras

A new series where we document the nursing rooms (and in future, baby rooms) which we have visited. Because 21st century parenting is all about planning your shopping routes so that you could handle every feeding/ changing session in public like a pro. Feel free to submit a tip or update info so that we can add it to the list!

Mall: Viva Shopping Mall, Cheras, KL.

Location : first floor and third floor, beside the washrooms

Cleanliness : 8/10 Well maintained,  no visible rubbish or stains. Sanitary rubbish bin provided for diapers, reduces smells a lot, which is helpful in an open space plan layout.

Comfort : 7/10 well- lit breastfeeding cubicle, nice comfy chairs (clean) and a side table. Personally, I would feel slightly insecure with a curtain instead of a proper door with a lock. Especially when I’m pumping, it hinders letdown. Overall the room is reasonably comfortable but the open space plan gives less privacy. (no partition between diaper area and feeding area)

Practicality : 7/10 Nice deep sink and wide counter top. Padded mats built in for your child’s comfort when changing diapers. No safety restraints.


View of the feeding room when standing at the diaper changing area


View of diaper change station. Note the sanitary napkin pail which they use to deal with hazardous waste


Sink close up –  high tap with plenty of headroom, deep basin


Diaper changing pad built in for baby’s comfort


Hospital style curtains


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